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Probate and Trust Sales

When a family is living in a house for decades, and for one reason or another is not able to upkeep regular maintenance and/or renovations, its value diminishes. If the family is struggling to get by and one major life event triggers another, they may be forced to sell the home in a rush. It is common, with probate and trust sales, for someone to purchase the house at a low price, and after some renovations sell it at a higher price. Sometimes this happens in a matter of three months. With the permission of the attorney administering the estate, my team of designers and contractors and I went in and made all necessary upgrades, improving its value by over $90K for the family. We cannot change the housing marketing trends, we cannot change the inefficiency of the local justice system, we cannot undo the generational injustice others experience, however WE CAN use our professional know-how to get equal pay for the family with the sale of their property.

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Restoring the Love

When my seller clients had first walked into this house, they had fallen in love with just about everything it had to offer. Thirty years later, when the children were grown and moved away, they felt it was time for them to sell their home. In preparation for the sale, I worked with my interior designer, restoring and renovating. We wanted to capture the same feeling that was felt when they first purchased the home and be able to translate it to the new family needs, ensuring it met the needs of today. This transformation took 45 days. With a $60K investment, this home was sold for $180,000 over asking. The key takeaway is: there is great value in evoking the feeling and desire of wanting to live in a home.

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Showcase the character

Each house has its own character. It is my job to showcase the home’s unique character and guide the buyer toward its distinguishing features. When I prepare a probate house, I work with the designers & the stagers to determine its personality and bring it to life with a feeling of magnificence. This San Francisco condo’s personality shines through after the makeover. It was a perfect match with the new owners and the sale broke the record of the highest price per square foot in the neighborhood.

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Bringing Back the Light

This rental property has generated income for decades. When it was time to find a new owner, we had to make it shine again and revive its differentiating features. A transformation brought the light back into this sunny home. That way, it was ready for its new owner. Currently, it is under contract for 29.5% over asking.
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